Image credit: Jeremy Gasowski, University of New Hampshire

PhD Projects

  1. Characterizing pathways and potential of CH4 oxidation in thawing permafrost peatlands using meta-omics and stable isotopes
  2. Investigating the effect of woody encroachment on CH4 cycling in northern peatlands – check out my 2020 AGU talk here!
  3. Constraining seasonal variation and environmental controls of the fraction of potential methane emissions from northern peatlands oxidized by methanotrophs using stable isotopes

Past Projects

  1. Master’s project: Assessing geochemical controls on methane oxidation in thawing permafrost; Perryman et al., 2020; JGR Biogeosciences
  2. Undergrad project: Impact of historical agriculture on calcite precipitation and pedogenesis in desert soils; read more here
  3. Heavy metals in Arctic soils: Synthesized publicly availble data on heavy metals in soils above 60°N, identified key data gaps in public record of these data and priorities for future work on heavy metal storage in permafrost-affected soils Perryman et al., 2020; PLOS ONE